welcome to Smudge Makeup
by Heather Thieson

Welcome to Smudge Makeup! Why “Smudge” you ask? Because sometimes it’s so freeing to be the artist that has as much color and pigment on me than on my clients. Because I like being able to make a mess while I work, because I believe in making a statement – go big or go home. I could never be “fine line makeup” or “within the lines artistry” because that wouldn’t feel like me. I have the mind of a creative, I see things in vibrant colors, shades and textures. I have passion in my work, and I believe in the fun of the journey not just the arrival at the destination.


Smudge, to me, incorporates all of those beliefs. It sounds grungy, messy, wildly artistic. Like an artist applying paint to a canvas with their bare hands. Feeling the mediums in their fingers, learning how textures blend with others by touch, and seeing the creation come to life.


I know what you’re thinking… “um, this is just makeup… eye liner, powder and lipstick right?” I suppose to some. But to me, this is my work. This is my name, my brand. You are walking out of my studio wearing my calling card on your eyelids and rolled up in your hair. I won’t let you leave my chair until we are both happy. This is my first love, my passion, my outlet. Welcome to Smudge Makeup.